NONOTAK Studio is visual artist Noemi Schipfer and artist/musician Takami Nakamoto. Created at the end of 2011, the duo has since enchanted the world with their immense light and sound installations.

By combining an electronically generated abstract sound composition with impulsive light emitters, that seem to literally cut the space to pieces in their intensity, the audiovisual performance ZERO POINT TWO V2 creates a space that fits the premises of a laboratory. The project is dedicated to explore evolving perceptive forms.

Light as the fastest possible physical transmission of information, reduces the terrestrial space of transmitter and receiver, to an almost immediate connection, from which, by starting the sequence of light, an immediate and direct correlation between space and body is built up. The rays of light move through the space at an intense speed and seem to follow an invisible search for information, during which they are repetitively dedicated to the same surface segments in different patterns.

When they meet a body, crossing their way, a miraculous spectacle of mutual distraction takes place. In interaction with the pulsating vibrations of the electronic sound, the light rays create an abstract spatial experience that is able to create and specify the idea of ​​the astronomical-physical concept of space, as a tangible experience.