Quadrature’s artistic work locates itself between scientific curiosity, physical experiments and artistic cross-references. Physical and astronomical phenomena are examined for their aesthetic properties, which are presented in a completely new contextualized form.

An orbit describes the course of an object around a celestial body. Quadrature’s work ORBITS refers to the circulation of a satellites in particular. In their research, Quadrature uses officially accessible sources of the US Air Force and other authorities and information indicated by amateur astronomers. In accordance to the unofficial sources, the official record shows a void of information on many unclassified objects. The work CLASSIFIED ORBITS has been dedicated to these unlisted objects.

ORBITS points out the importance of independent research and exemplifies the work of enthusiastic observers, contributing to building awareness of the unwanted, unnoticed or undisclosed information as they are part of an accurate representation of the network surrounding us.

Slowly building up lines that merge into nets, systems, and entire spheres, encompass the viewer and visualize an absoluteness of complexity. Emerging from the void, the artificial objects and especially their orbits, create an aesthetic revelation of spatiality, beyond the general human dimension of consciousness; rapture as an innovative principle of perception, where the scrap around us, lost satellites and unknown celestial bodies unite into a fascinating spectacle.

The artistic autonomy and the necessary rigor of ORBITS and its audiovisual performance, creates an aesthetic and intuitive live experiment that trys to reveal the whole extent and transcendent dimension of human info- and infrastructure.