It is hard to find a polyphonic body

Jacek Doroszenko

4K transferred to full HD video | 07:45 | stereo | color | 2016


In typological geomorphology, landscape is defined as an area in which typical elements are combined to form certain patterns which together create a specific character.

The determining elements can be of physical, biogenic or anthropogenic nature. Looking only at the physical elements, formations such as rocks, hills, plains and sediments develop the individual character of the landscape and define its obvious perception. The overall appearance of the landscape is accompanied by other aspects such as the type of land cover and climatic characteristics. The result is a source of longing that takes the viewer into a different perspective, detaches him from his present existence and allows him to become liberated for other perceptions.

With the unique nature of each landscape, a versatile composition is formed whose individual elements disappear in favour of the overall appearance. The result is an exaggerated form that is larger than the unit of the individual elements.</p> <p> </p> <p>Following the fascinating elements of landscape and the question of their attraction and spirituality, Jacek Doroszenko develops a construction process that takes up a controlled coincidence as an idea and translates the concept of landscape as a feeling into another language.

With his project It is hard to find a polyphonic body, Jacek Doroszenko develops a direct analogy to musical composition as a mental image that ignites its impact from a transcendent entity. A multitone of electronically generated sound whose stimulus is located in the video material’s visual information adds up to an over-real momentum whose density causes an audible transgression of limits. The almost eight minutes long video work transposes the overwhelming Norwegian landscape into an audible noise and examines perception and reception intensely. The filmed geological structures are equipped with markers within the individual video sequences, which excite the modulation parameters for pitch and scaling over time via a specially programmed Max/MSP application. The excitation of the markers determines and constructs polyphony and a complex composition in which the specific characteristics of the geological landscape are translated into a musical landscape.

The geological landscape directly catalyzes the transition from synthetic image and to digital sound, a real existing landscape becomes virtual environment and at the end a real sonic landscape

The video was produced as part of the artist-in-residence program at Kunstnarhuset Messen in Ålvik, Norway.