Shinseunback Kimyounghun

Stone, 2017, 64 water sensors, 64 solenoids, wooden panels, arduino, computers, custom software, speakers, screen and projector, variable dimensions.

The installation Stone uses the inherent powers of nature as a dynamic creative tool. A stone on a bank of the volcanic island of Ulleungdo, the wind and the sea, all in their natural materiality, are facing the 64 sensors, borrowed from a technical world and now performing their function in a completely new context. The sensors transmit the collision with the waves on an Arduino computer, which later acts as a signal generator for the spatial construction of a virtually closed space, which in turn reproduces the collected data on 64 solenoids as a sound experience.

The recipient, who is encouraged to crawl inside the box, can enjoy a transcendental experience inside. The totally enveloping sound emitter will confront the user with the feeling of being inside this stone and being overwhelmed by the sea waves as well as the stone that can be seen in a video projection outside the box at the same time.

The boundaries between outside and inside, as well as one’s own perception in space, are dissolved and the recipients can work their way through a new level of their own consciousness by taking different perspectives.