Almost There

Todd Anderson-Kunert

Intimacy is an individual experience, felt either in relation to oneself, or deliberately by engaging with another subject or object. Todd Anderson Kunert transcribes this intrinsic chemical chain reaction into an extrinsically perceptible sonorous response to the stimulus induced via sonic vibrators, which are driven by a specially generated composition.

These synchronous vocal recordings of the protagonists, who masturbate and are currently in the state of highest excitement, merge in the work with the composition, which in turn is the external stimulus of the sexually excited state, resulting in a mutual interference. The inevitable passive access into the intimate sphere of individual sexuality of the 10 participants and the auditory perception of sound as an intimate process of physiological processing create an extraordinary experience beyond the usual reception. The participants are composed of a mixture of gender identities and variation of sexual orientations. In the limbo between voyeuristic embarrassment with the desire for respectful avoidance and the intrinsic urge to follow personal curiosity, a reflection of oneself and of the conceptuality of the intimate becomes apparent in the consciousness of the recipient.

The audio is released on a custom USB drive that attaches to a fake white tulip and is placed in a cylindrical plastic container. It is limited to an edition of 100 (all are numbered and signed).