Shift Symm

Zeno van den Broek

The Shift-Symm collection reflects an audiovisual construction of abstract electronic textures. These textures evoke an architecturally sound structure in whose inner construction raw electronic sound particles meet oscillating patterns and move around themselves and shift against each other. In this drifting movement, brutalized by the physical character of individual elements working off the sound, a compositional symmetry emerged whose basic framework consists of the collision of diametrically opposed principles. Disharmonic set pieces make pushing and shifting the essence of a composition whose result is an orderly disorder. Visual and acoustic elements, such as beats, lines, surfaces, vibrations and rhythm, undergo manifold manifestations of their own appearances, constantly breaking through the symmetrical principle of their arrangements. Through the various levels, stadiums, and the ongoing changes in the position of any elements of construction, new non-evoked orders emerge. In their juxtaposition to a whole they can be understood as a controlled entropy.

Shift Symm presents itself as a video triptych, live A/V performance and digital album. The live performance of Shift Symm covers the three video works. Within the live performance, in which various parameters are simultaneously manipulated, this triptych merges into an audio-visual experience that Van den Broek can adapt to the specific location and time.

Released on Establishment: Available as high quality digital video on Sedition, limited to 100 editions per video. Distributed by LIMA.