The Ontology that Never Was

Barbara Lanzarote, Rachel Lamot, Kim Rosario

Glosopeda - that is Barbara Lanzarote, Rachel Lamot and Kim Rosario, presents The Ontology that Never Was. In the context of the twelfths edition of the IN-SONORA interactive and sound art festival, the collective has realized digital pieces to be experienced exclusively online, through the festival's TikTok channel and via the Instagram Reels of the artists’ Instagram profiles.

The artistic proposal adapts formats, time and concept to the contexts of Instagram and TikTok, understanding both social media platforms as rather a space than only as a tool. All three artists explore the idea of social media as a decentralized exhibiting space paradigm.

Glosopeda reimagines the past from a neofuture perspective. The Ontology that Never Was recreates an archaeological context in its natural environment intervened by digital materialisation, evoking Gavin Lucas` vision of the material world as an archive of the process of (de)materialisation: The tension between the forces of gathering of materials and artefacts and the opposite force of dispersal. The ontology of the objects versus the dispersal, erasure and displacement of their original setting.

The visitors, who appear in the images of Glosopeda play a critical role. They are the humans of a far away future visiting remains of our immediate future. For the artists, the visitors inform the current spectator about domesticity, attitudes, morphologies and garments of the future.

New editions are in the making and further exploration of XR technologies.

Barbaras Lanzarote is a Spanish artist who lives and works in Berlin since 2006. She works in different disciplines, but most of all in sculpture and digital art. She also collaborates in multiple projects with other artists. Her sculptress facet has driven her to explore other possibilities in digital art, combining different disciplines, such as animation, special effects, photography, video and music. Research in technology is one of her main focuses with the objective of incorporating new possibilities in artistic language development.

Spanish artist Rachel Lamot has recently collaborated with Balenciaga Paris for one of their publicity campaigns with a series of 8 portraits. She is head of production and art direction of Adaptasi, a film directed by Mit Borrás that premiered in 2022. Apart from developing with artists Barbara Lanzarote and Kim Rosario the exhibiting project Glosopeda, Lamot frequently collaborates both with visual artists as well as with artists from other disciplines, such as fashion designers and musicians. Her current work can be seen at the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

Kim Rosario is a British artist who lives and works in Berlin since 2005. Since then, she has been involved in different projects in performative arts, textile art and sound design. Recently, she has started to explore the possibilities of digital art for her discourse and work on future folklore. Currently, she works both in physical and digital environments and focuses on how the relationship between touch, sound and sight weaves symbiotically within her projects. Her work can be seen in digital magazines such as Hunger TV and Kaltblut and upcoming exhibitions in Berlin in 2022. 

The Ontology that Never Was by Glosopeda

TikTok residency for In-Sonora 12

By Kim Rosario, Bárbara Lanzarote and Rachel Lamot

Models: Ana Calcedo , Mit Borrás | Sound: Glosopeda | Studio: Cavve Pavilion