Principles of Motion

United Visual Artists

UVA is a London-based multidisciplinary art and design group founded in 2003. The collective specializes in light performance, sculpture and large-scale, site-specific installations.

The studio realizes its work in collaboration with various types of new technologies such as 3-D printing, laser, LED lights, digital sound and lighting techniques. Their concept is to expand and deconstruct the concept of liberated creation and the definition of interconnectedness.

For Principles of Motion, they use a rotating LED disc to create an abstract rotating and shifting kinematic landscape that plays with the viewer’s perception of movement and reflects the phenomenon of persistence of vision (sparkler’s trail effect / pov display).

By varying the luminosity of the LED, the kinetic landscape moves and gives the viewer a sense of space and time. While observing the abstract rotating patterns and rhythms, the optic nerve of the recipient replicates the effect of an afterimage on the eye. The installation becomes a physical abstract instrument for a little yourney by the time, at least a few milliseconds.

Uva was exhibited by worldwide institutions as Serpentine Gallery and Belsays Castle Tokyo.