Human Flag

Julia Beliaeva

From Julia Beliaeva:

An image of a human-flag raises the question about the value of individual’s rights. The human itself and its individuality - is a main value for the state, its most precious resource.

To what extent is a modern human free? Humanity has been fighting for its freedom for a long time, all the whole way from the Medieval Ages, and now it has found itself under the reign of a new burden - from far-fetched thoughts and tons of information we perceive so quickly never having time to analyze or apply it.

I want to quote Fromm’s sayings that are timely like never before for a modern society:

“The history of humanity – is a story of growing individualization and at the same time, freedom strengthening. The strive for freedom is an inevitable outcome of individualization and culture development.”

“The strive for symbiosis with somebody else is always caused by inability to survive the loneliness of selfhood.”

“The threat of war makes a great contribution to the feeling of personal disability.”

“Powerful self-affirmation is adherent to the modern human, though in fact, its “selfhood” is weakened and reduced to a single part of the whole “self” – of intellect and will of power – to the exclusion of remaining personal integrity features”.

“During the Middle Ages capital was a servant of a human, and now, in modern economy capital has become its master”.

Julia Beliaeva is an Ukrainian artist who uses technologies such as 3D scanning, 3D modeling, 3D printing and virtual reality. Her reflects rethinking of tradition and traditional media in an ever-changing virtualized world. She is interested in how technology affects us and our consciousness, as well as how the latest technology can make sense and update traditional media. In particular, Julia works a lot with porcelain, as an opportunity to reflect on the heritage and lost traditions through a combination of new technologies and the popular in Ukraine ceramic industry, which is now lost.

To the question what the role of art in relation to national trauma is, Beliaeva answered V-Art the following:

"Art heals, reveals all aspects of trauma, from the global to the most intimate and secret. It illuminates the dark places of society, goes down into the basements with a flashlight or powerfully illuminates the entire night-time darkness. Such works are aimed at identifying the pain-complex both individual and collective. I believe that art liberates making consciousness clearer and clearer. On a subconscious level nightmare become less common."