Emergenze Acustiche

Roberto Pugliese

The expansive installation of sound and resonance bodies combines in their physical presence into an electroacoustic composition that spreads throughout the exhibition space, merging into a soundscape whose extraordinary source is numerical data.

These data stem from cultural and educational activities, such as the production of wine, oil and wood chips, which were further developed and transformed ad hoc in software.

The whole reality of the idea is based on the interaction of all the components of the system, which consists of 80 Plexiglas tubes of different diameters and lengths acting as soundboards.

The emitting surfaces of these glass tubes provide a possible route and the direction in which the recipients can disperse and move around in the exhibition ram, in the continuation of which they can reflect and expand their individual motion patterns.

Emergenze Acustich invites the recipients to immerse themselves in the world and, through their captive essence, creates an overall construction whose effect is almost inevitable. The receiver is no longer confirmed in its passive role and is forced to act by the emitating sound sources. The outside world is no longer just a source of consumable stimuli, it is now forcing a confrontation and interaction in which each one can become an inventor of his own potential reality.